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TactiLearning Powers Hands-On Rigging Training

Using functional scale models of the same rigging equipment you use on the job site, TactiLearning provides you with the physical tools and detailed workshops to provide hands-on training to your customers and your workforce.

Whether you are training for your internal skill needs, NCCCO certification, or OSHA qualified rigging compliance, hands-on training lets the trainer and trainee see and feel their way through each step of the learning process in a safe, controlled environment with a 360-degree view of the results. Techniques, calculations and sequencing become clear when you can take training off the page and put it in your hands.

TactiLearning’s Model Rigging Training Kits are available with multiple load types and a wide variety of rigging components for teaching, learning and demonstrating the rigging concepts required in the real world.

Arm your training with the tools you need to get the concepts down and the details right before you hit the job site.

"Tell me and I forget.
 Teach me and I may remember.
 Involve me and I will learn."

—Though often, and incorrectly, attributed to Benjamin Franklin, this bit of wisdom has been around since at least 230 BC.

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