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Model Presentation Kits

Show, don’t tell. TactiLearning’s Model Presentation Kits are designed for demonstration and instruction of proper rigging and lifting techniques without additional written curriculum.  Each Model Presentation Kit allows for the reinforcement of rigging and lifting concepts through practical demonstration using models of the same rigging components used on the jobsite.

Each Model Presentation Kit comes with a Presentation Slide Show developed by industry experts to show and explain universal rigging and lifting principals as well as detailed instructions for the Presenter on preparing and using the kit for each step of the Presentation.  The Model Presentation Kit is used to reinforce the topics as the Instructor presentation continues and can provides attendees an opportunity to complete hands-on tasks, engaging the audience. These kits have already been utilized in formal presentations at the ACRP General Assembly and NACB Lifting & Load Handling Training & Expo.

Find the right presentation for your audience!