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Model Rigging Training on Construction Blocks at the Lifting & Load Handling Training & Expo

Skip Ohman led a spirited session on the use of Model Rigging Training Kits to demonstrate the uses of multisheave and snatch blocks at the NACB Lifting & Load Handling Training & Expo November 14th in Orlando, Florida. Skip led a 90 minute session that included the use of model rigging components to emphasize critical physical characteristics of block use including mechanical advantage, static and dynamic loads, changes in load forces when tipping a load and more. 

Following the session, attendees joined TactiLearning in smaller breakout sessions where they could tackle as many as 8 workshops that challenged them to rig and explain the forces at work in such tasks as reeving a pair of three-sheave blocks to create 6 parts of line, calculate the changes in load weight on a tail line when tilting a load and maintaining a horizontal plane when rigging a tank load in a three pick lift.

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