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Rigging and Lifting with Blocks Presentation Kit


Designed for use by experienced rigging trainers, this presentation kit has everything you need to instruct and demonstrate rigging concepts and techniques used on the job site. The lightweight and portable model rigging kit comes with an 8 1/2-inch long Load Box, a weighted compact load, 2 Single Sheave Snatch Blocks and 2 Three-Sheave Snatch Blocks as well as the following components:

  • 2 Shouldered Eye Bolts
  • 2 Lifting Lugs
  • 4 Small Shackles
  • 1 Link Plate
  • 1 Equalizer Plate
  • 2 Small Hooks with Trunnion and Latch
  • 2 Red Slings (24 inches, 61 cm)
  • 1 Block Line (120 inches, 305 cm)
  • 1 Manipulator Arm with Single-Point Hook


The kit also comes with a USB drive containing a video presentation and slide deck with detailed instructions for the Presenter on preparing and using the kit each step of the way to cover topics including:


  • Understanding The Block Basics of Mechanical Advantage, Parts of Line and Block Loads
  • Understanding and Lifting with Multiple Sheave Blocks
  • Understanding Rigging with Snatch Blocks


Give yourself the tools your need to engage the audience and safely reinforce the concepts you need to convey. The audience will get the details right before they hit the job site. Don’t just tell them how rigging and lifting works, show them how it works in the real world.


Rig on.

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